I offer individual therapy sessions with adults or children, sessions with child and parent together, or I can offer sessions with parents to help them support their child. I also run group sessions for well-being. I have spent 20 years specialising in trauma and attachment. I am fully qualified, registered and DBS checked.


I offer EMDR to both adults and children. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is a relatively new therapy which has been shown to be very effective in treating trauma, it is also used for a range of other issues such as; anxiety, phobia, depression and improving performance. EMDR techniques shift negative thoughts and feelings linked with past experiences to allow the client to move forward.
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Play Therapy

Children think by doing. They communicate with behaviour and learn about the world through play. As a Play Therapist I am able to enter the child’s world to discover their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Helping them to grow or recover from difficult experiences.  
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The quality of the bond between a child and their carers is known to affect every aspect of a child’s development and the quality of their future relationships. Early disruptions to infant relationships for example; hospitalisation, illness, bereavement, separation, post-natal depression, parent’s attachment issues, can lead to difficulties in the parent child bond, which can, in turn, lead to emotional and behavioural difficulties. Serious difficulties around attachment leave a child at risk of serious mental health difficulties in the future.
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​Laughter has been show to have many health and psychological benefits. Group sessions of playful, purposeful laughter can reduce stress levels, lift mood and increase well-being. Laughter is an attachment behaviour and can bring people together.
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