The quality of the bond between a child and their carers is known to affect every aspect of a child’s development and the quality of their future relationships. Early disruptions to infant attachment for example, hospitalisation, illness, bereavement, loss, separations, post-natal depression, parental attachment issues can lead to difficulties in the parent child bond, which can, in turn, lead to emotional and behavioural difficulties. When we become parents we tend to act out the relationships we experienced as children. If our past relationships were flawed we hand on difficulties to our children. It is possible to change the attachment style we developed as children and create healthier, happier, more secure children as a result. I offer attachment therapy, between a child and their carers’; personal therapy, to resolve adult attachment issues; I can advise on the quality of the parent-child relationship and offer support to parents to improve relationships with their children.

Attachment Based Therapy

I offer play based sessions for parents/carers and their child to help develop a healthier relationship. Sessions are structured, active and fun using ideas, games and techniques from attachment experts like; Dan Hughes (Developmental Dyadic Therapy), Dan Siegel (The whole brain child) Phyllis Booth and Ann Jernburg (Theraplay).

Adult-Child Attachment

We learn how to be parents from our parents. We often absorb the messages they give us with out even noticing. The kind of relationships we make as adults is based on the type of relationships we experienced when we were young. It is possible to change our attachment style by examining, challenging and reflecting upon the relationships we had with our parents and I can help with this. I am able to work with adults to identify attachment issues and help resolve them; resulting in more effective and responsive parenting. I am also able to observe and comment on the quality of the adult-child attachments in the family.